Muhammad Raihan Hanif, Ramma Chrizara, Euis Saribanon, Imam Ozali


Low cost airlines or commonly known as Low Cost Carrier (LCC) are currently widely used by most Indonesians for traveling. This is evidenced by the high market share of LCC Airlines, namely Lion Air, for domestic flights in Indonesia. Along with the increasing interest of many of its users, Lion Air must pay attention to the quality of service
and passenger satisfaction in order to create behavioral intentions of passengers and the airline. Lion Air has always been the airline of choice for many people, but there are times a decrease in service quality occurs due to many factors that influence it. This study aims to determine the effect of service quality and passenger satisfaction on passenger behavioral intentions. The sampling technique used in this study was systematic random sampling and the total number of all respondents in this study was 100 respondents. Based on the hypotheses in this study, the data were analyzed using a quantitative method. The results of this study indicate that the variable quality of service provided positively contributes to the behavioral intentions of passengers, as well as the variable of passenger satisfaction that is considered to contribute positively to the behavior of its passengers.


Service Quality, Passenger Satisfaction, Behavioral Intention

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