Laura Mia Fadillah, Dina Afifah, Johar R. Samosir, Yolla Ayutia


This study investigates the impact of three brand identities namely the promotional information characteristics of airline social media information quantity, credibility of information, and quality of information through electronic word-of - mouth (e-WOM). A survey was conducted to 250 customers who had been using social media from Garuda Indonesia airlines to interpret and evaluate data obtained using structural equations. The findings of this study shows that the promotion of social media airlines has a positive impact on e-WOM, then e-WOM has such a positive effect on the brand's image and e-WOM even has a noticeable impact on the selling of online tickets. This study sets out a model for social media information characteristics and can be used as basic data to illustrate how airlines can handle and use social media information.


Brand image, e-WOM, Promotion, Online Ticket Sales, Garuda Indonesia

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