Amna Suci, Lina Oktavia, Marthaleina RS, Johanes Kurniawan Liauw


This study aims to recognize and analyze the effect of mobile marketplace applications on buyer decisions in Indonesia. The existence of the mobile marketplace application is able to facilitate one's work such as shortening time in transactions, shopping for daily necessities, and travel transportation. WebQual 4.0 is used to measure the mobile application marketplace influence on purchasing decisions based on user perception. The research method used is a quantitative descriptive method. The data collection technique is distributingquestionnaires with  Likert scale analyzed using SPSS 24. Samples of data were processed as many as 100 respondents of mobile market place application users in Indonesia. The measurement time for processing the data of this research  is May to June 2020. Based on the analysis of the data obtained, It is found that the whole hypothesis proposed in this study have positive and significant effects on the purchase intention of prospective digital marketplace customers. From the results of data processing, it is also obtained that simultaneous webqual 4.0 dimensions have an effect of 69% on buying decisions on the digital marketplace.


usability, information quality, interaction quality, purchase intention, webqual 4.0

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