Irwan Ibrahim, Saiful Azmir Kasdi, M. Hussin Abdullah, Farah Akmar Anor Salim, Afizan Amer, Abdul Khabir Rahmat


The current maintenance management method has affected the efficiency and capabilities of the operation management. Many issues such as poor productivity and quality, inadequate finance, poor safety and morale, as well as environmental risks have emerged due to the current maintenance practice. In today’s world, company is moving towards implementing green as an effort and attractive strategy to achieve sustainability and maintaining competitiveness in their business practice to cater the consumer demands. In this sense, green maintenance management capability (GMMC) permitting better company awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability while gaining effective maintenance practice. In this research, green technology and green human resource management were assessed, important issues were addressed and recommendation were made for prospect research.


green management, maintenance management, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, human resources management.

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