Wan Nur Syuhadah, Siti Zaharah, Fatin Najwa, Juraidah Juraidah


Urban signalized intersection caters to a high volume of traffic every day and releases traffic in a platoon. Statistic has shown a significant share of accident risk involving motorcyclists at the signalized intersection in most ASEAN countries e.g Malaysia. The mixed interactions of vehicles at signalized intersection creates a traffic conflict among the motorcyclists and other motorists. Advance Stop Line (ASL) is one of the facilities provided at signalized intersection to segregate the motorcycles from other vehicles. This study aim to determine the effectiveness of ASL in reducing traffic conflict at the signalized intersection. The objectives include a) to determine the utilization rate by motorcyclists b) to observe the riding behavior of motorcyclists while stopping at ASL and c) to compare the rate of conflict with and without provision of ASL at the signalized intersection. Result shows that the differences in average of traffic conflicts rate between signalized intersections without and with the implementation of ASL was 71.2%.


Motorcycles; signalized intersection; mix interaction; crashes; ASL

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25292/atlr.v3i0.354


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