Aldino Noer Rizki, Aulia Puspaningtyas Putri Prabowo, Edhie Budi Setiawan, Chaidir Tasran


The presence of E-ticketing plays a big role in the world as with the presence of E-ticketing.  Users are becoming more time-efficient. Physical evidence becomes unnecessary and at the same time the service quality provides various conveniences that eventually brings customer satisfaction. The purpose of this research is to compare the role of E-ticketing in two Online Travel Agents (OTA) which has an impact on improving service quality as well as on increasing customer satisfaction. The method used in this research is a quantitative method with purposive sampling as the sample used by distributing questionnaires to 200 respondents consisting of 100 Traveloka users and 100 users. The data was analyzed by using SEM Smart PLS 3. The results of this research show that there are strengths and weaknesses of each OTA. As on the E-ticketing variable, both agents excel in terms of convenience in using the E-ticketing but are weak in useful planning. On the variable of service quality, Traveloka has services that the users want to repurchase but lacks in handling complaints, whereas has services that are deemed consistent but lacking in travel destinations variety. On the variable of customer satisfaction, Traveloka users are satisfied with their services while users are satisfied because their expectations are met. However, Traveloka and are equally weak in providing the users with satisfactory experiences.


E-Tiketing, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Traveloka,

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