Sonia Bella Palementaria Maharani, Monica Desideria, Edhie Budi Setiawan, Datunabolon Datunabolon


The aim of research is to increase the repurchase intention and passenger trust through the reputation of airline industry. By a good company reputation, passengers' repurchase intention and trust will increase. The population of this research was the passengers of airline industry, and the sample used was 202 respondents with purposive sampling. Data analysis used was Structural Equation Modeling-Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS). The results of this research show that reputation has a significant positive effect on repurchase intention. The company reputation has a positive and significant effect on passenger trust. Passenger trust has a significant positive effect on repurchase intention. If the airline's reputation is quite good, the airline can give passengers a sense of trust. In addition, a good company reputation and increased passenger trust can increase passengers’ repurchase intention.



Repurchase Intention, Trust, Reputation, Company Reputation, Passenger Trust

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