Makanimitta Siddhaprana, Murdiansyah Nugraha, Abdullah Ade Suryobuwono, Novi Indah Susanthi


The high number of commuters from Bekasi who use KRL to get to their places of activities, especially to Jakarta, makes Bekasi Kota Station requires parking facilities with a large and integrated capacity. The research used a qualitative approach and approach based on empirical facts and was supported by a theoretical basis as well as primary and secondary surveys for data collection. The results of the research indicate that to optimize the integration aspect of public transportation, it is necessary to have parking facilities that are physically integrated, integrated with service/operational, and integrated on a rate/payment supported by other supporting facilities with attention to the aspects of safety and comfort in it. The application of a parking tower for park and ride as an integrated parking facility in Bekasi Kota Station is considered capable to comply the preferences criteria of commuters who move through the station and attract the public’s interest to switch to using public transportation modes to reduce the rate utilization of private vehicles heading to Jakarta.


Parking, Park and Ride, Parking Tower, Station, KRL, Public Transportation Integration, Smart Parking System

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