Jessica Ganjar Putri, Tamala Kartika Sari, Mochamad Arif Hernawan, Paul Sipoh Hutauruk


The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of handling distribution flows during the COVID-19 Pandemic as a strategy to survive the current Pandemic. The types of  data in this research  are primary data and secondary data. Data were taken from books, journals that follow the current research focus, government official information, and in-depth interviews with informants. After getting the references, the material were processed following the discussion point. The data analysis is presented graphically and also in the form of a descriptive narrative. According to research, PT Agility International Pondok Ungu Site has a business field of goods transportation management services or freight forwarders and the company does not significantly get the impact of pandemic COVID-19. It always pays attention to strict health protocols in the work environment to run activities in the work environment. The company implements 5M protocol which 5M stands for memakai masker (wearing mask), menjaga jarak (keeping the distance), mencuci tangan (washing hands), menjauhi kerumunan (avoid the crowds), and mengurangi mobilitas (limiting the mobilization). Implementing 5M,  in  handling the distribution process can prevent the transmission and the spread of the virus in the work environment. Therefore, It is very important to carry out the distribution process appropriately so that the goods are received safely. Furthermore, implementing 3T is also very crucial. 3T stands for Testing, Tracking, and Treatment that can help to breach the chain up of transmission of COVID-19 Pandemic and is very useful in the work environment.


The pandemic COVID-19, Health protocols, Handling distribution flow, Strategy, PT. Agility International, 5M, 3T

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