Septy Sencani, Widayatnoko Wisnu Mukti, Osman Arofat, Lut Mafrudoh


Green marketing is a type of marketing that benefits the environment and environmental sustainability. Green Marketing is a strategic approach that combines stakeholder analysis to build long-term customer relationships while supporting, preserving and protecting the environment. Aqua is one of the Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK) pioneers in the field of environmental protection, processing water resources efficiently and in an environmentally acceptable manner. One of its implementations is Danone's Aqua commitment to ensure transparency in all aspects of its operations through the Good Corporate Governance practice. Danone - Aqua strives to achieve practical sustainable business while contributing to the response to many social and environmental problems through the "One Circular Planet" strategy. The aim of the study is to comprehend and explain how to implement green marketing to create a brand image (Danon-Aqua study). The study is based on qualitative data that collected using secondary data technique from various websites, online magazines, articles and scientific articles written by various authors. From the result (Yuliyanti 2014; Cicilia 2015) shows that green marketing consisting of green product, green price, green promotion and green place influence to form a brand image.


Strategy, Green Marketing, Brand Image

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Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 32 Tahun 2009 concerning "Environmental Protection andManagement"

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