Muhammad Zein Ashari, Muthia Hedyaningsih, Tenaka Budiman, Erny Sulistyaningsih


This study aims to analyze the procurement of goods, especially Coverall Personal Protective Equipment for health workers in emergency response conditions in DKI Jakarta. Procurement analysis that is in accordance with crucial needs during this pandemic can help to accelerate the handling of COVID-19 and to prevent virus exposure among health workers. This study uses a qualitative approach and the aim of the study is to describe the procurement analysis to the distribution of this Coverall Personal Protective Equipment. Data collection techniques used in this study are interviews and observation. The data analysis technique in this study uses data reduction developed by Miles and Huberman. The result of this study shows that the procurement of Coverall Personal Protective Equipment carried out in a COVID-19 emergency has a lot of assistance from various parties ranging from the government to Corporate Social Responsibility. The participation of agencies and the community is beneficial in procuring goods, which is a priority during this pandemic. The procurement of Coverall Personal Protective Equipment also requires a good distribution process to meet the needs of health facilities in every area in DKI Jakarta in handling COVID-19.


COVID-19, Coverall Personal Protective Equipment, Procurement of Goods, Distribution

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