The Analysis of the Effectiveness of Delivery Order (DO) Online on Import Activities at Terminal 3 International PT. IPC TPK

Gabriela Prisilla Pangaribuan, Reynaldy Nender, Rehani Fitrina, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of Online Order
Delivery activities on import activities. The researchers focused this scientific
research on Terminal 3 of PT IPC Container Terminal. In an effort to improve the
smooth flow of goods and reduce logistics costs at the port, it is necessary to
accelerate the delivery of goods from the port to the implementation of electronic
delivery orders or delivery orders online for imported good. The application of DO
(Delivery Order) Online is an effort process requests (DO) (Delivery Order),
payment DO (Delivery Order), until the delivery (release) of Delivery Order by
shipping company by exchanging electronic data no longer manually. With This, it
can reduce the operational costs of managing Delivery Order. This research method
used descriptive qualitative by using SWOT analysis. Sources of data used are
primary data taken from interviews with directors of PT IPC and secondary data
obtained from the management of PT IPC and literature studies such as journals,
articles, websites, and documents related to this research problem. This study is one
of the pioneer research investigating the Effectiveness of Online Order Delivery at
Terminal 3 of PT IPC Container Terminal. It is expected that this study can be used
to analyze internal strengths with external elements.


Effectiveness of Delivery Order Online, Management of Imported Goods

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