Enggar Wahyuningsih, Sekar Afra Azizah, Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus, Suci Ramadhani Siregar


In the logistics business, service quality in terms of delivery services is an essential factor that must be continually enhanced. Drawn from the study case of JNE Express,  a company that specializes in the shipping and delivery of products and documents, this research aimed to determine the implementation of the SERVQUAL and Six sigma methods in the logistics service industry. JNE Express requires quality improvement efforts using the SERVQUAL and Six Sigma methods to increase customer satisfaction. The mix method was used in this study, which mixed quantitative data from surveys with qualitative data from interviews and observations. The results indicated that the highest GAP of service quality was on time delivery of products (X2.1), with a GAP of -0.63, and the most complaints were about the provision of compensation for any damage or loss of goods (X4.1).


Service Quality, Six Sigma, SERVQUAL, Customer Satisfaction

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