Shabrina Fitri Dewanti, Hafiyyan Bani Ardiansyah, Rr Endang Wahyuni, Datunabolon Datunabolon


PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna or commonly abbreviated as BAg is a subsidiary of PLN engaged in national shipping for coal transportation in Indonesia. The problem in this research is how external and internal factors can increase coal delivery capacity. The purpose of this study is to analyze external and internal factors supporting coal delivery capacity at PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna. The method used to analyze in this study were to reduce the data, present the data and draw conclusions. The results of this study show the increase in coal production. Indonesia's geographical conditions, capacity and special PLTU terminal facilities, good ship management, the number and composition of the fleet owned, and the age of the ship are external and internal factors that can increase coal delivery capacity at PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna.


Coal, Shipping Industry, Delivery Capacity, Ship

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