Sabrina Arsya Susanti, Iriawan Alvin Sawaki, Yoanita Octora, Andri Primadi


The purpose of this study is to discuss the refund system of AirAsia airline due to Covid-19, because passengers who have already had tickets were recommended to refund their tickets. AirAsia was one of the airlines that applied policies related to refunds and schedule changes. The variable to be investigated was the effect of Brand Awareness and Brand Image on E-WOM mediated by Brand Trust. The data of this study were AirAsia passengers by distributing questionnaires to 90 respondents. The data were processed using SEM PLS. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive and significant relationship between Brand Awareness and Brand Trust, the Brand Image of Brand Trust, Brand Trust towards E-WOM. Moreover, it is also proven that Brand Awareness and Brand Image of E-WOM mediated by Brand Trust have a significant influence. Furthermore, Brand Awareness and Brand Image owned by AirAsia give a positive impression of a refund to gain consumer trust.


Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Trust, E-WOM

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