Deniv Rinanto Nugroho, Jihan Kusuma Linardi, Aswanti Setyawati, Muhammad Iqbal Firadus


In this era, marketing through influencers is the most effective way for companies to increase purchase intention in products and services. Most people who are searching for information about products or services often consider influencers as credible information to determine whether a product and service are worth to purchase or not. This research aims to find out the causal relationship between influencer credibility, consumer trust in e-commerce, and purchase intention of low-cost carrier ticket. The data was collected through a random sampling with 125 respondents.This research was analyzed by path analysis with a quantitative approach. The results show that the direct effect of influencer credibility on consumer trust in e-commerce is (0.557), consumer trust in e-commerce on purchase intention is (0.570), influencer credibility on purchase intention is (0.182). Finally, the indirect effect of influencer credibility through consumer trust in e-commerce on purchase intention is (0.317).


: Influencer, consumer trust, e-commerce, purchase intention, low-cost carrier

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