Amanda Navis, Mahesa hadiyanto, Raden Didiet Rahmat Hidayat, Lis Lesmini


The Covid 19 outbreak forces people to undergo their behavior change in their daily activities. The changes include physical and social distancing. Before travelling with Commuter line (KRL), all customers require ticket purchases and replenish e-ticket balances and it is not uncommon for long queues to occur. Obviously, physical contact must occur during queuing and on Commuter line (KRL) ticket purchase transactions. The aim of this study is to determine the acceptance of KRL commuters if the existing payments system is changed into cashless payment instrument that have similar functions with E-money. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method by applying the concept of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Jabodetabek KRL commuters as the residents. The result is that the Cashless Payment System can be implemented in terms of commuters convenient as the benefit of the technology.


Cashless-payment, Customer acceptance, KRL Commuterline, Covid-19, Technology Acceptence Model.

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