Rizqa Zhafira Khairi Aradena, Rayhan El Fajri, Yoanita Octora, Edhie Budi Setiawan


The decision of the passengers to choose what airlines they will ride is certainly influenced by various factors. The factors that cause passengers to repurchase an airline’s ticket is certainly not the same. The aim of this research is to determine the comparison of the Service Quality, Reputation and Brand Image factors that affect the passengers in performing Repurchase Intention on Citilink and Lion Air Airlines. The study used quantitative methods by spreading questionnaires to 150 respondents consisting of 75 Citilink and 75 Lion Air passengers. Data analysis used  SEM Smart PLS 3. The result of this research is the consistency of service provided by the airline as well as the confidence of passengers who have chosen an influential airline for the airline brand image that will affect the repurchase intention. Airline facilities that meet the needs of passengers will create a sense of satisfaction on its passengers who will influence the service quality on the repurchase intention. Moreover, good reputation on both airlines will be influential to increase the repurchase intention of its passengers. Hence, with the differences in factors that affect the repurchase intention, the strategy that should be applied by each airline will be different


Service Quality, Reputation, Brand Image, Repurchase Intention, Comparison, Airline

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