Rizkiyah Ulfah, Juliater Simarmata, Yulianti Keke, Siska Amonalisa, Ahmad Fikri Amin


Lion Air is an airline that is not less competitive with other airlines. In addition to the low price, there are more Lion Air enthusiasts compared to other aircraft. Even Lion Air airline is classified as a middle class above airline. The purpose of conducting this research is to gather the information that will be created to analyze the effect of service quality and customer satisfaction to customer loyalty in Lion Air 2019. In this research, the method used was quantitative and Hair theory. The sample in this study was 260 respondents. This journal used a multiple regression test. The results showed that Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction had a positive influence on Customer Loyalty by 21.1% and the rest were influenced by other factors.


Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty

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