Saiful Azmir Kasdi, Irwan Ibrahim, Afizan Amer, Ratna Masrom, Izhal Abdul Halin


The purpose of this research is to introduce a framework on the relation of supply chain management with traceability system towards the consumer tendency to purchase halal cosmetic throughout the entire process of supply chain management. This research provide supporting evidences to ensure the process of supply chain management can be monitored with traceability system that boost customer tendency to purchase halal products.

Furthermore, this research develop a new concept or model of supply chain management traceability proces (SCMTP) for halal cosmeceutical industry and introduce variables that might be affecting the consumer tendency to buy halal cosmetic which are customer’s knowledge and attitude towards the product and halal status.


Halal Supply Chain, Halal Cosmetic Product, Traceability System, Purchase Intention,

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