Novi Diana Putri, Roberto Gallant Narendra, Muhammad Rifni, Rahmat Hidayat


This research discusses how the storage and distribution process of the Sinovac vaccine was being conducted as well as the challenges faced by DNR Distribution and how they overcome those challenges. This research aims to create understanding among the reader about the whole Sinovac vaccine storage and distribution process. This research was conducted with a qualitative descriptive analysis method with an online interview as its main source of data. The importer and producer of the Sinovac vaccine is Bio Farma, with DNR Distribution as its partner in distributing the vaccine in 14 Indonesian provinces. The Sinovac vaccine should be kept between 2-8?. Challenges occur in distributing the vaccine to another island, including the scheduling and long travel time. To resolve this, DNR Distribution coordinates with the airline or ferry operator as well as carrying out a reconditioning process.


COVID-19, vaccine, storage, distribution, reconditioning.

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