Yuan Kersayudha Prasetya, Farros Pahlevi, Honny Fiva Akira Sembiring, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto


In recent years there has been increasing attention to the impact of the port business which  results in the decrease of environmental quality. Ports around the world are currently facing obstacles related to the declining quality of the environment, but ports are also required to continue to operate and carry out their activities to serve world trade services. Therefore, the government and several ports have begun to develop Green Ports. Green Port is a port concept with the implementation of environmentally friendly operations. One of these innovations is in the form of reducing ship fuel emissions and managing ship hazardous waste. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach, and the purpose of this journal is to explain the development of the green port and the obstacles that exist in the TanjungPriok port.


Green port, Environment, ship, qualitative approach

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